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How to start a computer training college 



Technology literacy is a must-have in today’s world of computer mania and professions in IT. Computer careers are getting more and more popular as more people want computer education. This means that it is a very smart idea to start your own computer training centre. Here’s how:

Top tips on how to set up a computer training college:

1. Find a venue

The first thing you need to do is find a venue to start your new pc training college.  Be strategic here: ensure that you get a lot of applicants by investing in centre space in a fairly busy, urban area in a city  - a PC training college in Pretoria or a PC training college in Johannesburg is going to do better than computer training courses in less populated areas. Another thing to consider is opening your centre close to other existing tertiary education institutions – that way you’ll get high volumes of people who are already students looking to garner new skills, they may be passing by (and hopefully through) your training centre every day.

2. Register

After this, you need to register your centre or computer training college as a real business. This should be easy, as you can find out how to register a PC training college online. Via the South African Government Services website you will be classified as an FET institution (a private further education and training college) you can register as a FET institution with the South African government online. If you mean real business and want your centre to be a large and more formal institution, you’ll need to register with the South African Department of Higher Education. 

3. Develop a curriculum

If you are going to run a PC training college, you’re going to need PC training and business college courses. Take what you know, look at what others are offering at their computer training colleges, research computer tutorials online and mash it all together to get your own unique way of teaching computer skills.

In this, you may actually want to educate yourself a little more first, by doing short or part-time courses in PC training. Short courses and PC training short courses are good options. Otherwise, you can also always do online degrees and online courses to fill the gap.

4. Buy cheap computers

Then, last but not least, you actually need to buy good quality computers cheap.  Find a website which sells decent cheap desktop computers or a wholesaler with a good reputation. You can feasibly start a new centre with about 10 computers and build up from there. 

Starting a computer training college? Have the right PCs

You need cheap computers for a computer training college that are suitable good quality desktops for low prices so you can buy in bulk. Consider refurbished computers from Half Price Computers.

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