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Certified Pre-Owned

We at Half Price Computers do refurbished computers. This means that we take pre-used computers and make them good as new through a process of refurbishment  so that you are getting a machine that’s as good as new for half the price!

How do you know that what you’re getting is quality refurbishment?

Half Price Computers has a standard of excellence that we encourage you to hold us to. Part of that means ensuring all our products are of the highest quality, up to the strictest standard. This means that:

  • Half Price Computers only sells computers that are Microsoft Authorised Refurbished

As such our business and all our machines are approved and controlled by the exacting standards of Microsoft. We provide machines to you only after they have been refurbished to be of the highest certified quality, set by Microsoft. All our computers are cleaned of the prior data, updated if needed with minor repairs or replacement components and have genuine Microsoft Operating System software installed. All our refurbished computers are fully tested before being dispatched.

… we are powered by Spartan

Half Price Computers is powered by Spartan Technology Rentals, the pioneering technology rental finance company in South Africa. Spartan is a business-to-business IT rental & finance company which has been running for over 33 years. All the machines supplied to Half Price Computers are provided, facilitated and managed by Spartan.