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5 tips to start your internet cafe...

5 tips to start your internet cafe


Here are our 5 tips to start your internet cafe & what you need to know about how to set up your new internet cafe:

1. Location. Location. Location.

You need two things to open a successful internet café : lots of people traffic, and the right sort of people traffic. Busy internet cafés are successful internet cafés, and this means setting up shop in a busy area. Also, be strategic about the area. An internet café in Sandton where everyone already has the latest Mac with internet access? Not so much. Internet cafés in Johannesburg CBD or in a township  – now you’re talking.

2. Smart, shrewd marketing

With at least one internet café on most streets, internet cafés in SA have big competition. If you want to know how to open an internet café and make real money, a simple ‘set up shop and customers will come’ philosophy won’t cut it. You need smart, shrewd marketing to get customers in – smart and shrewd because you don’t have money to waste on ineffective campaigns or inappropriate ideas of massive marketing campaigns. You need a unique marketing gimmick to create awareness – and that will depend on you. You need to figure out what will work for your internet café and run with it. 

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3. Starting an internet café needn’t be expensive

You don’t need a lot of fancy start-up equipment or capital – all you really need to start an internet café is a good venue, internet connectivity and computers. As long as you are buying cheap computers for an internet café, this can be fairly affordable. A good bet? Try refurbished computers. More on that in a second.

4. You do need the right computers though

You need high quality desktop machines that can handle high volumes of web browsing all day, every day. But you also need to keep prices down. Get quality computer brands cheap by buying refurbished - these are renovated computers which function like brand new but sell at cheap second hand desktop prices.

5. Offer additional services

Internet cafés are great business ventures – but not necessarily the most lucrative ones. In order to make enough money for your liking, it may be a smart idea to run supplementary services with the technology you have, such as offering copying, faxing and photo taking services for those coming to your café before going to a job interview or Home Affairs – now that is how to open an internet café the smart way! You may also want to resell some computers for additional income.

What else you need to know:

Need computers for your internet café?

You need cheap computers, but that’s not all. Internet café computers should be PCs which are good quality and can handle large volumes of internet browsing all day. Invest in top tier brands that are tried and true – and to keep costs down, buy them refurbished. 

What are the best computers for an internet café?

When looking to buy, there is a subtle difference between an internet café computer and an ordinary one. The right computer specs for an internet café are durable and good quality desktop computers that can take a lot of activity online for hours at a time. HP, Dell and Mecer are all good brands for these computer specs and are all available cheap at Half Price Computers.

What are the best computers for an internet cafe?

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We hope you enjoyed our 5 tips to start your internet cafe - if you need any more advice of information on the best computers and packages for your internet cafe please contact us for help ...